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VectorAir Part Exchange Program

Trade Your Airgun and Airsoft Gear with us

At VectorAir, we understand the value of a great performing airgun or airsoft gear. That's why we're proud to introduce our Part Exchange Program, where you can trade in your old equipment and get more for your money.

Read our 6 step process below:

  • Weihrauch HW110 with Scope

    Before you start, ensure your equipment meets our specifications:

    • Airguns

      • Airguns that are non-FAC (under 16.2 Joules) and within the suitable power range.

        • Air Rifles should be between 14.6 Joules (10.8 FPE) and 16.2 Joules (11.9 FPE).

        • Air Pistols should range between 8.1 Joules (5.9 FPE) and 4.2 Joules (3.1 FPE).

      • All Airguns must have at least: ​​​​

        • 1 Working Compatible Magazine (where necessary)

        • Filling or Charging Equipment (where necessary)

    • Airsoft

      • In working condition (will be tested)​

      • legally skirmish compliant 

    • Optics

      • Working adjustment ​

      • The reticle is in the correct position and non-dmaaged

      • Illumination (where fitted) working correctly 

      • No crushed tubes or damaged lenses 

    • Other Gear:

      • Working condition​

      • Saleable - If you wouldn't buy it, we may not

  • Weihrauch HW110 with Vector Optics Scope

    Initiate your part exchange by choosing one of the following options:

    • Visit In-Store:

      • Get an on-the-spot quote by visiting our store.

      • No postage costs 

      • No Cancellation Return Costs

    • Online Form:

      • Easy to use

      • Distance trade-in (shipping costs apply)

      • No need to visit the store 

  • Weihrauch HW110 with Vector Optics Scope

    For online valuations; help us evaluate your equipment accurately:

    • Include high-quality, unaltered images.

    • We may also request a video demonstrating your equipment's functionality through firing tests.

    • Highlight damage, wear and modifications

    • Include photos of extras you are including with your trade-in

    • Do not show us what you are not trading in