Airgun Servicing and Repairs

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Airguns must be serviced regularly to ensure longevity and reliability as well as maintaining a warranty.

All types of airguns can and should be serviced. We can cater for rifles and pistols powered by:

  • Pre-charged Pneumatic,

  • Spring-powered

  • Co2

If in doubt please contact us for a free quote, we may ask that you send photos or bring the gun into the store for an accurate quote.

We will also inform you if a gun is not financially viable to repair due to, but not restricted to: rarety, availability of parts, pre-existing conditions, and/or previous repairs causing damage.


Please phone us on 07515457525 or visit the store, and a bespoke price will be given dependent on the nature of work that has to be carried out.


Payment can be made in-store in cash or by card.

Online payments can be made by card or PayPal.

Terms & Contitions:

All gun repairs or services are to be delivered to the store and signed over for repair.

If guns are left uncollected for a period of 4 weeks fees may be incurred.

We will contact you with regard to making a collection and payment.

After a further 4 weeks, you will receive an invoice equal to the storage fee and outstanding balance of the repair.

After a total of 12 weeks, you will get one last notification and a final chance to make full payment and collect your gun.

If after the 13th week there has been no contact or no attempt to collect the gun then the gun will become the property of Vector Air UK and will be sold or disposed of as necessary to recover the fees and losses.

Important: All airguns will only be returned to the customer once the gun has been tested to ensure it complies with UK legislation this means sub 6 Ft-Lb (foot-pounds energy) for an air pistol and sub 12 Ft-Lb for an air rifle.

Any airguns that are overpowered can not be released back to the customer until they are running under the required foot-pounds energy this may incur a cost.

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