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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

November, the time of year where everyone is starting to secure those big-ticket items either for themselves or for others. So how about we help you with a decision you may have been wrestling with for some time?

The Limited Edition BSA R10 TH

Should I get a BSA R10?

The answer, of course, depends on what you are after... do you want a limited edition flagship rifle from one of the oldest established air rifle manufacturers in the world?

The BSA R10 TH is the 10th-anniversary edition of the R10 line, this time it features a beautiful new thumbhole Minelli stock and BSA's biggest shot count for a rifle!

The R10 TH stock is a mixture of the old and the new, with the traditional fore-end of the current R10 but with a brand new thumbhole grip along with an adjustable, soft-touch covered wooden cheekpiece.

As well as this, the air capacity has been increased with a 280cc buddy bottle, this means that the shot count has increased to a massive 340 shots in .22 & 280 shots in .177.

Couple this with all of the features from the standard SE range; such as multi-adjustable butt pad, a spare magazine and the creative customer configurable shroud (CCS), alongside the famous R10 classic lines, stock options, fine handling and above all the superb accuracy of this air rifle.

The new R10 TH really is the only rifle you will ever need... but what about a price?

Well, by itself the rifle should retail at £999.99. However, we have dropped this to £975.

But wait, you are going to need a scope that matches this amazing beast! So how about we do you a deal? We will do a one-off package of the rifle with the top-of-the-range Vector Optics Taurus 5-30x56FFP Scope, mounted with Hawke Match Ring Mounts, perfect for this setup!

Limited Edition BSA R10Th .177 PCP with Minelli Walnut Stock (£999.99)


Vector Optics Taurus 5-30x56 Illuminated First Focal Plane Scope (£380)


Hawke 30mm High 9-11mm (Dovetail) Double-Screw Match Scope Mounts (£25.99)


Vector Air Limited Edition BSA R10 TH Package

£1,295 (RRP: £1,405.98)

We can even get it delivered to your door! (England & Wales only)

First come first serve

Contact us for more information


07515 457 525

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