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Future Classic Airguns?

Updated: Apr 30

The Race to Airgun Greatness: Uncovering Tomorrow's Classics

Introduction: In the world of airguns, there's a league of extraordinary models that have the potential to become iconic classics. These aren't your ordinary plinkers; these airguns pack innovation, history, and jaw-dropping performance. Join us on this journey as we delve into the contenders that might just become the next airgun legends... A Future Classic Airgun

BSA Ultra CLX160 Side Lever - "The British Charmer"

Picture James Bond meets Q, and you've got the BSA Ultra CLX160 Side Lever. It introduced the suave side lever action into a lightweight frame, making it a crowd-pleaser. Limited to just 160 units per calibre (hence the name), it's a rare find that collectors cherish for its impeccable reliability and innovative design. The exclusivity of the CLX160, with only 160 units ever produced, adds a layer of desirability that could see its value skyrocket in the future.

Our choice: 4.5mm For Target Shooting and Ownership (.177 BSA air rifles have grown in desirability)

AirArms S510 Superlight - "The Style Icon"

Our next contender, the AirArms S510 Superlight, is the supermodel of airguns. It swapped out traditional wood for a poplar stock, making it a featherlight stunner. It's the top pick of airgun connoisseurs, despite recent price hikes. Find an unmolested one on the second-hand market, and you've struck gold. The recent price increases have elevated its status, attracting investors and collectors keen on owning a piece of airgun history.

Our Choice: 4.5mm Standard length in Hunter Green – it stands out as the superlight as opposed to the brown stock

Weihrauch HW98 - "The Unsung Hero"

Our lineup wouldn't be complete without the Weihrauch HW98, the unsung hero among airguns. It may not keep up with its more popular siblings, the HW95 & 97 but it's consistently one of the best spring air rifles you can get. With rarity on its side, it's a collectable gem, now featuring a threaded barrel for silencer enthusiasts. The addition of a threaded barrel has made the HW98 more versatile and desirable among collectors who appreciate both its history and its potential for modification.

Our Choice: 4.5mm 2022 Version with the threaded barrel for a silencer, black stippled wood stock or Limited Edition Laminate with silver action

AGT URAGAN Mk1 - "The Hybrid Ace"

The AGT URAGAN Mk1 broke boundaries, a true hybrid airgun excelling in both target shooting and pest control. Though it didn't officially compete, it outgunned champions during 50m grouping tests. As the Mk2 takes the stage, the Mk1's value soars on the second-hand market, known for its reliability. Its reliability, combined with its unique hybrid capabilities, makes it a sought-after piece for collectors and enthusiasts, driving its potential as a future classic.

Our Choice: 4.5mm or 5.5mm URAGAN 600mm with Walnut Stock Or URAGAN Compact with Synthetic Stock

FX Wildcat Mk1 - "The No-Frills Maverick"

Next, the FX Wildcat Mk1 is a paragon of reliability and simplicity. It's the Jason Statham of airguns - no unnecessary frills, just top-notch performance. Affordable and ready to roll out of the box, it's a cult favourite, even amidst newer FX models. Its no-nonsense approach and affordability make it an attractive option for both seasoned shooters and newcomers, positioning it as a strong contender for classic status.

Our Choice: 4.5mm Synthetic Stock (check for damage)

EdGun Leshiy 2 - "The Swiss Army Knife"

Enter the EdGun Leshiy 2, a versatile powerhouse. It's like the ultimate multi-tool with semi-automatic action, an Alfa-Precision Barrel, and a folding semi-bullpup design. This gun is known for its reliability and accuracy, banned from import in the UK, but a treasure chest for collectors. Its ban from import in the UK has given it an air of exclusivity, attracting collectors who appreciate its unique features.

Our Choice: any calibre, 350mm barrel variant with the red grip (something special) stay Sub 16 Joules - Avoid FAC (yes even if you have a ticket)

Daystate Huntsman Classic - "The Timeless Classic"

Our next contender, the Daystate Huntsman Classic, is a timeless classic, like a vintage Aston Martin. It's simple, mechanical, and sports a Lothar Walther barrel. Rarity is its strength, with variants like the Regal and HR being mass-produced, but the Classic is a smaller production airgun, treasured by collectors. Its smaller production numbers and classic design make it an appealing choice for collectors looking for something unique.

Our Choice: 4.5mm with walnut stock

AirArms S200 - "The Junior Maestro"

For those who believe that "less is more," we have the AirArms S200. It's often referred to as a gun developed for juniors and women, but don't underestimate it. It's lightweight, reliable, and astoundingly accurate. Rarity isn't due to a lack of popularity but rather the CZ-made quirkiness that makes it appealing. Its quirkiness and reputation for accuracy have caught the eye of collectors looking for something offbeat and reliable.

Our Choice: 4.5mm Mk1 or Mk2 with original multi-shot adapter

Weihrauch HW44 - "The Mighty Pistol"

Our penultimate challenger is the Weihrauch HW44, the miniaturized version of the HW110. This pistol delivers sub-8 Joules of power with multi-shot capability. It's the Bruce Lee of air pistols, packing a punch in a small package. Keep an eye out for permanent modifications when exploring the second-hand market. Its compact size and impressive performance have made it a favourite among air pistol enthusiasts, further solidifying its potential as a future classic.

Our Choice: 4.5mm With HW44 Silencer

UMAREX Walther Reign - "The Affordable Warrior"

Last but not least, we present the UMAREX Walther Reign, a bullpup that breaks the mould. It's the bargain hero of our challenge, delivering regulated shots and Lothar Walther accuracy at an affordable price. With its unconventional looks, it's garnered a loyal following in the airgun world. The Reign is flying off the shelves, and its future as a classic is looking bright. Its affordability and remarkable performance have made it an accessible choice for many, potentially setting the stage for it to become a future classic.

Our Choice: 4.5mm With Picatinny Rail

What have we learnt?:

In the world of airguns, these contenders are the trailblazers, the rebels, and the classics in the making. They're more than just airguns; they're legends in the making. As they continue to dazzle enthusiasts and collectors alike, one thing's for sure: the future of air gunning has never looked more exciting. The unique features, rarities, and innovations of these airguns are the very qualities that could see them rise to the status of cherished classics in the years to come. Or we can pull a full Top Gear and our building of this list may have actually damaged the future value of these guns. Who knows only time will tell

Think we missed something?

Let us know in the comments below.

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