Glock Guide to Air Pistols... What are the differences?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Glock has become the byword for "Pistol"; their dependable pistol platform has garnered the attention of the world over.

Little surprise, that they're now available as an airgun.

The German giant UMAREX has gained the licencing rights to be the proprietors of the Glock name in the airgun world.

At the time of writing (August 2020) UMAREX have got a massive range of Glock available in both 4.5mm (.177) and 6mm (Airsoft). Of the former, the Air Pistols, UMAREX are currently producing the following air pistols:

*We will try to update this list as they come out*

A large amount of these Glocks have suddenly gained a lot of love within the community.

The Glock 17 (Gen 4) - with its amazing build quality and changeable grips - has grown in popularity since the release of the Glock 17 Gen 5 due to AAR's comparison video. Andy found that although the Gen 5 is cheaper, is more powerful, efficient and accurate (arguably) than its ancestor; its build quality was not as good as the Gen 4.

However, there is no one Glock to rule them all. Their differences on the surfaces differ greatly to their internal differences as they will not always be the same so here is a break down on what each number designation means as well as the options so you can decide which is better for you.

Glock 17

In real steel, the Glock 17 is the largest of the bunch, it is longer, taller and heavier.

It is the standard Sidearm in many militaries around the world.

The majority of the G17's are the same with a single under barrel rail, 2 safeties, the lower half is Balistic Polymer and a metal slide.

- Glock 17 - Dual Ammo (5.8365) - Review

The Glock 17 Dual Ammo Blowback twins are the only Glocks on the market to be able to shoot pellets, meaning better accuracy and reduced ricochet than its 4.5mm BB counterparts.

The dual ammo 12g Co2 - mounted with Hex Key - mags with 1x rotary 8-shot BB clip and 3x 8-shot pellet clips; supplies an approximate 2 Joules of energy (based on JSB pellets).

- Glock 17 - Dual Ammo Threaded (5.8366) - Review

Exactly the same as the standard Dual Ammo. However, this time it features a 14mm (airsoft style) counter-clockwise thread so you can mount suppressors or tracers.

- Glock 17 Gen 3 "Classic" (5.8361) - Review

The Glock 17 Gen 3 or "Classic" as it has become known, is a lock-back heavy blowback pistol.

It is powered by a single 12g Co2 capsule - mounted via Hex Key - in the 4.5mm BB 18 round Top-Load Drop-Mag, that supplies a respectable approximate 2 Joules of energy (based on steel BB's).

- Glock 17 Gen 4 (5.8360) - Review

The Gen 4 is the community favourite, it offers the highest realism with a powerful locking blowback, field stripping, balanced weight, extra grips and highest build quality of all the G17s.

The single 12g Co2 - mounted with Hex Key - 4.5mm BB 19 shot bottom-loaded magazine supplies approximately 1.8 Joules (based on steel BB's).

- Glock 17 Gen 5 (5.8369) - Review

The Gen 5 has garnered a lot of hate with the community; seeing it as a step backwards from the Gen 4.

However, if it is the power you want, then the Gen 5 is vastly superior to the rest of the Glock 17's.

Thanks to the redesign of the internals, the Gen 5 is more efficient at getting rounds down range meaning more power, approximately 3 joules (based on steel BB's) and more rounds per Co2 capsule.

It also uses the more available, single 12g Co2 capsule powered - mounted via Hex Key - 4.5mm BB 18 round Top-Load Drop-Magazines seen on the Glock 17 Gen 3 "Classic".

Glock 19

The Glock 19 is the compact version of the Glock 17.

Famed for its use with special forces, the Glock 19 features a shorter slide and grip giving it a smaller overall footprint making it more concealable. Combined with similar performing internals to the Glock 17 affords the G19 the title of a Goldilocks gun; not too small, not too large.

- Glock 19 (5.8358) - Review

In spite of its relatively small length of 186 mm, the Glock 19 fires 4.5-mm steel BBs with a muzzle energy of up to 3 joules. This is thanks to the pistol being non-blowback, so yes where you loose in realism, you make up in power and efficiency. As with the Glock 17, the top slide is metal with ballistic polymer for the bottom half. However, unlike the G17s the G19 uses a grip mounted Co2 bulb, making the 16 round mags more economical.

- Glock 19X Gen 1 (5.8367) - Review

The Glock 19x is the oddity of the family, only available in Coyote, and the only crossover. It uses the same grip as the G17 but uses the G19's shorter barrel.

The Gen 1 uses the same "Classic" mag as the G17 Gen3&5 so spares will be plentiful propelling the 4.5mm BB's with approx 2 joules. It also shares the same Lockback blowback as the G17 Gen 4.

- Glock 19X Gen 2 (5.8368)

The Glock 19x Gen 2 is the non-blowback version of the gen 1, featuring the same internal workings as the G19 so expect better Co2 efficiency at the cost of realism. As well as a slightly larger 19 round capacity stick mag

Glock 22

Finally, we arrive at the G22, on the face of it, nothing is different from the G17... Except in real-steel, the G22 is designed to take the larger calibre S&W.40 rounds, this means the grip is slightly bulkier than the G17's 9mm offerings.

But what does this mean for the air pistol... Not much, it feels slightly larger in hand and a little bit heavier.

- Glock 22 Gen 4 (5.8360) - Review

The Glock 22 Gen 4 tries to be the best of everything. Unlike the G17's It is non-blowback so better efficiency with a power of 2.7 Joules (based on steel BB's) and better accuracy.

So if you wanted a G17 non-blowback, for the better power and accuracy, then it is the G22 you should be looking for.


So UMAREX has thought this through, the G17 has gone through a lot of iterations, testing different methods of power delivery, magazine styles and size. It has then branched off to have the different Models of Glocks such as the 19 and the 22 to try and mix the different outcomes for the end-user.

In all honesty, we don't know which one to recommend, it is very driven by what it is you are after but here is a rough guide of what each one does, please note it is not an exhaustive list of the features, but rather a highlight of the differences.

A good rule of thumb when purchasing is to ask yourself do you want realism or do you want performance? A blowback gun feels amazing to shoot but is normally lower on power. The pellet options are more accurate but have half the shot capacity. Keep in mind, these replica air pistols are about showing off; they are not going to be amazing target shooters or high powered pest control, that's what rifles are for. Buy the one you like the look and feel of, you won't be disappointed!

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