New JSB Pellets - FAC

The Czech company have been one of our favourites to stock for some time. We recommend their quality products to new and experienced shooters; even going as far as to include them in our packages.

Now though, JSB is producing their new designs.

Jumbo Monster .22

A new shape for better accuracy.

The weight has been chosen to fit the most powerful air rifles currently available on the market. These heavyweight pellets are stable even at 50J+ power levels but fits also 70J+ rifles. Making the Jumbo Monssaters a number one choice for the owners of FAC air guns.

King Heavy Mk2 .25

With more companies developing high power setups, we are seeing larger and larger calibre rifles. The first one out of the gate is the .25.

JSB has carefully designed, precisely produced and handpicked each pellet to ensure amazing quality control for supreme accuracy. A middle-ranged weight ensures it is suitable for most air guns in this calibre.

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