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Part-Exchange your old gear

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

The second-hand market of air weapons has always been an amazing way for enthusiasts to get their hands on a great performing weapon at a fraction of the price of a new one.

Therefore at VectorAir, we are proud to offer Part-Exchange on the purchase of our products.*

All equipment wanting to be Part-Exchanged with us will have to go through testing and scrutinization before a price is settled - We will only buy working equipment!

How to Part-Exchange with us:

The easiest and best way is to visit us in-store.

If you want to part-exchange without visiting in-store you must then:

  1. Contact Us - If you send us goods in the post without prior warning, we will accept the very genius gift of your rifle.

  2. Let us know what it is you want to trade in - Be honest about faults, damage, and wear. If it is found during testing we are likely to reject the part exchange.

  3. Send us some photos - We want to see high-quality undoctored images of the weapon. This will let us evaluate it more accurately - a better quality image will normally mean a better valuation!

  4. We may ask for a video - We may want to see the gun firing to prove it is working if you include video chronograph testing, we are more likely to accept the part-ex.

  5. Wait - Do not send anything in the post yet!

  6. Check you are happy with our terms and conditions before proceeding.

  7. We will either give you an on-the-spot quote (subject to change upon receipt of the equipment) or ask you to send it to us/come into the store - an accurate quote can only be achieved upon receipt of the equipment.

  8. When you are ready to send, please send using Parcelforce Express tracked service**

  9. Accept the quote - If you are happy with the quote and choose to accept it, we can issue a credit note directly to you to use online or in-store ~.

If you don't want to accept our quote, then we will contact you to arrange payment for re-delivery back to your address.***

Part Ex Disclaimer

Please note that if you are unhappy with your valuation, we recommend selling privately on our partner's website. The Gun Locker

Assumptions we will make

The following assumptions are made regarding part exchange requests. Any items missing or deducted from the part exchange will impact value dramatically.

  • The gun is in working condition

  • The gun is in Non-FAC (under 16.2 Joules) and over 14 Joules (10.3 FPE)

  • The gun is supplied with at least:

    • 1x magazine working and in the correct calibre

    • filling probe/equipment used to charge the gun

  • The gun will come supplied with any permanent accessories including but not limited to Swivel Studs, Adapters, Stock Adjustments

Terms and Conditions

*Part-Exchange is only available when trading in a product up to the value of a purchased product or products. No "cash to the customer" will be awarded upon the purchase of goods when part-exchanging - We do not offer a buying service.

**Mail-In Part-Exchange is to be paid for and sent by the customer using Parcelforce Express tracked service; any other service is not covered by our terms & conditions and will constitute a breach of the agreement - we may keep the goods if they are delivered to us. Please note that FAC rifles cannot be sent via post. The sender is responsible for delivery, we do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage.

***Cancelled trade-in customers are responsible for re-delivery costs, refusal to pay for the delivery will need to be collected or result in the initial quote being settled and a credit note issued if not collected after a week of receipt of the quote

~ Credit notes are only valid for a single purchase of one or more items up-to-the amount of the order, use of this voucher on orders lower than the amount will not be reimbursed for the value difference.

Think we missed something?

Let us know in the comments below.

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