Pump-Action-Pneumatic Pistol for under £60!

Here is something a little bit fun.

The Strike point offers an affordable pistol that still packs a punch. Coming in .22 it can be used for close-range pest control on small vermin or plinking down the range.

Being a Pneumatic pistol there is no need to worry about additional energy sources such as CO2 capsules or dive bottles. It is powered by simply pumping the gun using the lever on the pistol and provides endless fun. The Strike Point uses a bolt action system to cock and load the pistol ready for the perfect shot.

The Strike Point by UX comes in a .22 calibre and has a maximum energy of 7.5 joules when pumped 10 times. This matched with the long barrel and adjustable fibreglass sights helps ensure you get an accurate shot and the best possible shooting experience.

To further this great gun Umarex have incorporated a 3-Chamber Compensator to help achieve a quiet shot. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective pistol for small vermin or a gun to provide you with hours of shooting fun the UX Strike point is a fantastic choice.

All of this for £59.95!


  • Power: 5.5 ft/lbs

  • Magazine Capacity: 1

  • Action: Single/Multi Stroke Pneumatic

  • Length: 357 mm

  • Weight: 1100 g

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