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Restricted Items Only - Airguns & Moderators

Due to legal restrictions on the shipping and sale of Firearms under the VCR act 2007; Air Rifles, Pistols, and Functional Silencers/Suppressors/Moderators must be sold on a face to face basis from a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD).

As an RFD, we can deliver any of this range of items directly to your door if you live on the mainland of England and parts of Wales using our in-house delivery team.

We operate this on a price per area basis, meaning the shipping costs are based on the distance from our store.


Upon purchasing you will be met with the calculated cost of your delivery to your door based on your postal code.*

We will then contact you ASAP to arrange and confirm your delivery date and location - we aim to do restricted item delivery between 5-10 days.

Please see below for the area bands and restrictions.**

Band 1(Green) - £30

Band 2 (Orange) - £40

Band 3 (Red) - RFD Only £55 (RFD Fee Paid***)

Band 4 (Grey) - Outside of Operations due to Legal restrictions

Scotland and Northern Ireland

Our website can restrict purchases to these locations, please contact us to purchase if shipping does not show up.

We will need to see your ID

Our delivery will need to confirm your age and identification. Therefore could you please have a valid form of identification ready for when your delivery reaches you.

*If you do not see this option or are based outside of our delivery locations, please contact us as we may be able to deliver your local RFD instead

**Map for illustration purposes only.

***RFD fee is a handling fee (usually £15-25) imposed by the majority of the UK Registered Firearm Dealers, Deliveries cost of the restricted items to these RFD's include the cost of shipping and we will cover the RFD fee for you.

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