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Shipping Products to Vector Air for Repairs/Returns/Servicing/Transfers

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Yes seriously, this guide has to exist... Click me to see why

If you are wanting repairs or services from us or on rare occasions, you may need to return a product to us. If you are unable to get to us within our opening times. The next best thing is to post your product to us. If this is the case, you are best following this guide to avoid any unforeseen costs due to damage or total loss because of a poorly packaged return.

Step 1 - Contact us via email

We will only process anything coming into us if it has been pre-organised prior to its arrival, this includes RFD Transfers, Servicing/Repairs and returns. Unauthorised deliveries will not get organised correctly and risk being lost. As phone calls are not recorded and do not have any trail, we advise using emails to ensure there is a digital transaction of what you have contacted us regarding.

Step 2 - Fill in and include the Repairs/Servicing Form

Upon confirmation we will issue you with a form to fill in, this must be completed accurately and terms and conditions agreed to before we will do anything with the product.

If you are having an RFD transfer this section is not required but please ensure the sending party includes your name and contact details in the package.

Ensure your full name is attached and preferably a mobile number in the contact phone as our system sends texts with important information.

Step 3 - Package your goods up securely and discreetly

This bit is crucial to ensuring that you get the outcome you are looking for. All too often crooked delivery drivers take a liking to what they see and make it disappear. If we don't receive a product, we cannot do anything about it. Therefore the best way is to package the product into a protective cardboard container or padded postal bag.

DO NOT just stick a postage label to the retail box and send it, these are the products that get lost.

DEFINITELY DO NOT just wrap your product in a bin bag and stick a label to it! Yes, this has happened before.

How shipping should be done
Forms of deliveries

Step 4 - Post it

Post the product back to us via a tracked and insured delivery service such as Parcelforce then send us the tracking information as well as proof of postage as a reply to the email of our confirmation.

Step 5 - Wait for inspection to be made and outcome to be rendered

Once the item has been sent to us and we have received tracking information we will await delivery. If all of the above steps have been completed we should then receive a parcel and know what we need to do and for who. We will process the item and organise a redelivery or refund in due time. If your situation changes compared to what was written on the form, please contact us to correct any issues.

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