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The Top Gifts for Shooting Enthusiasts this Christmas: A Buying Guide

As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect gift for the shooting enthusiast in your life can be a daunting task. Fear not, as Vector Air, your trusted source for airgun and airsoft supplies in the UK, has compiled a comprehensive buying guide to make your Christmas shopping a breeze.

Our Guide to Buying Gifts for Shooting Enthusiasts this Christmas Season

Bug-A-Salt: Combining Fun and Functionality

Bug-A-Salt Black Fly Edition Salt Gun

Bug-A-Salt - Imagine a device that turns pest control into a playful and efficient activity. The Bug-A-Salt is a unique solution that uses table salt to eliminate flies and other annoying insects. Safe and environmentally friendly, it's an ideal addition to any household, especially during the summer months. Suitable for all ages, this quirky gadget is sure to bring a smile to the face of any gift recipient.

Cleaning Kits: Keeping Your Gear in Top Shape

Vector Air Full Pull-Through Gun Cleaning Kit

Vector Air Pull-Through Kit - For those unfamiliar with the intricacies of airguns, cleaning can be a mysterious but essential task. The Vector Air Pull-Through Kit simplifies this process, offering a user-friendly solution for cleaning barrels and lubricating moving parts. It's the perfect gift for shooters who want to maintain their equipment without the hassle.

Gunpany Barrel Rod Cleaning Tools by Vector Optics

Gunpany Rod Cleaning Kit - For the more serious shooter, the Gunpany Rod Cleaning Kit provides a professional-grade option. Complete with a cleaning rod, brushes, jags, and other tools, this kit allows users to perform detailed maintenance, including unjamming their guns. Consider pairing it with the Gunpany Cleaning Combo Kit for a comprehensive cleaning tool solution.

Maintenance Oils and Cleaning Fluids: Preserving the Precision

Vector Air Cleaning Kit Refill

As guns, especially airguns, are delicate instruments, choosing the right maintenance oil is crucial. The maintenance and cleaning oil from Vector Air is specially designed for airguns, ensuring proper care and longevity. This is an essential accessory that goes hand-in-hand with cleaning kits to keep guns in optimal condition.

Maintenance Stands: A Secure Platform for Gun Care

MTM Maintenance Center

Maintaining a gun requires a steady hand and a secure platform. A maintenance stand provides just that, allowing users to clean, repair, or service their firearms without the risk of accidents. This is especially important for those new to the sport or less experienced in handling firearms.

Shooting Stands: Elevate Your Shooting Experience

For shooters who prefer a stable shooting platform, consider investing in a shooting stand. These stands lift the gun from the surface, providing a better shooting position for improved accuracy. Whether for bench rest shooting or standing shots, there are various options to suit different preferences.

The Named Options:

Vanguard PortaAim

Vanguard Porta-Aim: A renowned choice for bench rest shooting. Great build and stability for front resting your gun on a bench or floor

BOG DeathGrip

BOG Death Grip: Favored by professional shooters for its reliability. This Premium Tripod is marketed for its quality and stability.

Budget Alternatives:

Rokstad BBS Sitting/Standing Gun Rest Tripod

Rokstad BBS Sitting/Standing Tripod Gun Rest: Ideal for shooters on the move. This Bench Tripod allows for a lightweight and stable platform that doesn't break the bank

Rokstad ELP V-Mount Bench Rest Gun Rest Tripod

RokStad ELP Bench Rest Tripod Gun Rest: A lightweight and popular option. The ELP has been a staple of our customers with many having multiple for different occasions.

Gun Storage: Safeguarding Your Investments

Nuprol Prermium Hard Case

Gun storage is a critical aspect of responsible gun ownership. While gun bags offer a more budget-friendly option and increased portability, hard cases provide unbeatable protection during transportation and storage. For a deeper understanding of the importance of gun storage, check out our detailed gun storage blog.

Ammo/Gas Storage Tins: Extending the Life of Your Ammunition

Vector Air Ammo Supply Box

It's not just guns that require care; ammunition, gas canisters, and batteries also need proper storage. Consider military-grade ammo tins for a secure and sealable container to extend the life of your shooting essentials.

Paper Targets & Target Holders: Hone Your Skills with Precision

14cm 5+1 Multi Zone Targets by Bisley

Paper targets are the fundamental tool for shooters to refine their skills. Paired with target holders, they offer a practical way to test both the firearm and the shooter's accuracy without the need for an expansive shooting range.

Reactive/Fun Targets: Adding Excitement to Your Shooting Sessions

APOLLO Shooting Gallery

For those who see shooting as more than just a sport, reactive targets add an element of excitement. Whether they explode, react mechanically, or change visually, these targets make for fantastic gifts that appeal to shooters of all ages.

Airsoft Guns: Bringing Fun to Backyard Shooting

KWA Ronin 47 Airsoft Rifle

Airsoft guns offer a unique and thrilling experience, especially for those engaging in backyard shooting or participating in airsoft competitions. From realistic rifles to pistols, airsoft guns provide the joy of full-auto firing within the context of a competitive sport. Note that realistic colours are restricted to individuals with a valid defence, such as a UKARA license.

Splat-R-Ball: Junior-Friendly Airsoft Alternative

Splat-R-Ball SRB1200 Gell Blaster

For younger enthusiasts or those looking for a less intense alternative to airsoft, the Splat-R-Ball provides a junior-friendly option. It offers the excitement of full-auto firing without the potential for damage, using soft gel balls for a safer and enjoyable experience.

Ranged Weapons: A Different Challenge for True Enthusiasts

Barnett Catapult

For those seeking a greater challenge and a departure from traditional firearms, consider ranged weapons such as bows, crossbows, and slingshots. These weapons require a higher skill set, providing a more challenging yet ultimately rewarding shooting experience.

Merchandise: Show Your Support for the Shooting Community

Vector Air Beanie

For those less acquainted with the ins and outs of shooting but wanting to show support, merchandise is an excellent option. Many retailers, manufacturers, and influencers offer merchandise as a way for their customers and audience to display their support. Check out our own collection of Vector Air merch.

Gift Card: When in Doubt, Let Them Choose

Vector Air eGift Card

If all else fails, or if you're unsure of your loved one's preferences, a gift card is a versatile and thoughtful option. Available in varying quantities, it allows the recipient to choose their ideal gift or contribute to a larger purchase.

This Christmas, give the gift of excitement and precision with Vector Air's carefully curated selection of Gifts for Shooting Enthusiasts this Christmas. Whether your loved one is a seasoned shooter or a newcomer to the sport, our guide has something for everyone. Happy shooting and happy holidays!

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