Winner of 50 yard at Extreme Benchrest 2019

Prophet beat all its competitors at Extreme Benchrest competition in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 2019.

Side lever cocking


Tactical side lever cocking mechanism, placed on front left side for easy access and fast repetition.


Plenum Extension gives you an extra 22ccm of regulator air volume. Total of 57ccm of regulated air volume. Compatible with Priest as well.


20MOA Picatinny: Prophet comes equipped with 20 MOA Picatinny rail so you can take those long shots with ease.


Hi-Cap Bottle with Regulator: Prophet comes with a 320cc buddy bottle which has a working pressure of 300bar. On top of it, it has a pressure regulator which is by default set to 125bar. This combination allows us to make a whole lot of consistent shots.


Ambidextrous Mag: Since the magazine is not centred, it can be inserted from both directions, so even if you are a lefty, the magazine is not in your way.


Threaded Muzzle: For those who want even quieter rifle, there's a 1/2" UNF thread under the cap so a moderator can be mounted.


Adjustable Trigger: First and second stage of the trigger can be easily adjusted down to 200g.


Two Picatinny and two Dovetails: The rifle is equipped with a 170mm of picatinny rail so you can fit whichever optics you prefer. Another picatinny is located on the bottom of the front body which can be used for any number of accessories, such as bipod. There are also two dovetails located on the side of the front body.

RTI Prophet Rifle

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