The 8908 rifle from VIGOR is a full 1:1 scale replica of an M4 (M4A1) carbine, that is one of the most famous guns in the world. 


This BB gun is made of ABS plastic in a two-tone metallic blue colour the looks great, and the magazine, stock and scope are in black.


The magazine holds around 200 BB pellets and is removable from the gun, the scope is also removable and is an electric light-up red dot sight.


This BB gun is powered by spring, this means it is not automatic and you have you cock the gun by pulling the cocking lever back that is located above the receiver near the top of the stock, this is not hard to do, and users of almost any age should have no problem doing it.


  • Velocity: 280 FPS (Approx)
  • Single Shot Spring Powered
  • Constriction: ABS
  • Recommended Ammo: 0.12g or 0.2g 6mm BB


Please note this is not recommended for Airsoft Skirmishing

VIGOR 8908A (M4) BB Gun

Power Source
Colour: Blue 2-Tone
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