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Webley VMX Quantum OS Kit



Webley VMX Spring Powered Air Rifle, Ambidextrous Synthetic Stock 11.5 ft /lbs .22 With Quantum© Oversleeved Silencer.


The Webley VMX quantum is a break barrel, spring-powered air rifle from Webley. Everything from it's ergonomic design to its aesthetic features make it a great all-round air rifle.


The VMX's ergonomic design ensures you get the most comfortable, accurate shot out of your air rifle. The Ambidextrous polymer stock gives you the option to shoot with your left or right hand but also feature a cheek rest allowing you to line up your shot.


This spring-powered Webley air rifle includes many beneficial features. The chequering on the foregrip provides an anti-slip surface reducing the chance of you dropping your gun and increasing accuracy. The ventilated rubber butt pad on the stock absorbs the recoil of the gun and reduces strain on your shoulder.


To further this high-quality air rifle the Webley VMX Quantum has a two-staged trigger providing a crisp, sharp shot time after time.



    • Classic Ambidextrous Stock
    • Spring Powered
    • Precision Steel Rifled Barrel
    • 2 Stage Adjustable Trigger
    • Fitted with Quantum Silencer
    • Machined Scope Grooves
    • Automatic Safety

    Webley VMX Quantum OS Rifle Kit

    £252.45 Regular Price
    £239.95Sale Price
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