Weihrauch HW45 is accurate and powerful and is also one of the few pistols that is capable of being an effective vermin hunter.


The HW45 produces around 4-5ft/lbs of muzzle energy which is not only ideal for pest control but also provides laser flat trajectories and fired pellets that are far less susceptible to crosswinds and other environmental conditions. This leads to higher accuracy and a pistol that is a more than capable target shooter.


The over lever cocking mechanism is easy to use as well as being reliable and eliminates the need for the extra purchasing of CO2 or gas. The HW45 has been loosely modeled on the Colt 45's shape for improved aesthetics.


The HW45 also features textured grips for enhanced precision whilst aiming and a dovetail style rail for the easy attachment of external optics. Please note you will require the specialist 13mm Mounts to fit additional optics to this pistol.



  • Weight : 1.15kg (2.53lbs)
  • Overall Length : 28cm (11inches)
  • Barrel Length : 17cm (6.6inches)
  • Approx Power : 4-5 ft lbs
  • Mag. Capacity : Single Shot


Our Pre-Fired goods are second hand, taken as part-exchange. They are checked and serviced before being put up for sale. All pre-fired goods are sold as seen

Weihrauch HW45 Pre-Fired Pistol

SKU: 399854
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Colour: Black
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