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Staff Picks for March

March Staff Picks: Gear That Impressed Us All

Every month, our team at Vector Air picks out the products that have truly stood out to us. Whether it's an innovation or a tried-and-tested favourite, we're always excited to share our top picks with you. So, without further ado, let's dive into what caught our eye this month.

Craig's Pick:

Primos VITAL Trigger Stick

First up, we have Craig's pick: the Primos VITAL Trigger Stick. Craig has been a long-time fan of this line of shooting tripods, and the latest version continues to impress him. What sets it apart for Craig is its affordability compared to the previous generations and the flexibility it offers over larger clamp-styled shooting tripods. You can check it out here.

Tee's Pick:

Immersive Optics Prismatic Scope

Next, Tee brings us a classic favorite: the Immersive Optics Prismatic Scope. While this product has been around for some time, Tee has only recently discovered the world of Prismatic Optics, and she's thoroughly impressed. The Immersive Optics range stands out to her for its exceptional light transmission and expansive field of view, especially when compared to traditional variable zoom scopes. Discover more about it here.

Luke's Pick:

Black Bunker BM8

Luke's pick this month takes us to the realm of survival air rifles with the Black Bunker BM8. Despite initial apprehension about these unique rifles, the moment we got our hands on a review example, we were blown away. Luke particularly appreciates the choice to include a Picatinny rail and threaded barrel. And being Luke, he couldn't resist opting for the Tan variant over the classic black. Explore the BM8 here.

Karl's Pick:

Forester Range Finder

Lastly, Karl brings us a bit of a surprise with his pick: the Forester Range Finder. Impressed by its accuracy and the visibility of its display even in low light conditions, Karl found himself drawn to this innovative piece of equipment. While it might not be the most conventional choice, its performance speaks volumes. Learn more about the Forester Range Finder here.

These are our top picks for March, each showcasing the diverse range of products that have captured our attention. Whether you're an avid shooter or a survival enthusiast, we hope you find something that piques your interest. Stay tuned for next month's staff picks, where we'll continue to highlight the best of the best in the world of outdoor gear.


Think we missed something? Let us know in the comments below.


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