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Gun Adjustability and why it may not be necessary for you

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

The sales technique you are probably falling for


Adjustability from manufacturers - UAP (User Adjustable Performance)

Right off the bat, this blog is targeting the adjustability of power and performance. This does not mean the adjustability of your stock or scope mounts. We are simply covering the act of adjusting the internals of your gun to alter how it performs or as we in the trade call it "User-Adjustable Power"

Huben K1 - User Adjustable Power Air Gun

Nor are we saying you are being conned when buying an "adjustable" gun. These are designed to work and work very well. Just not for the average shooter. You see many adjustable guns are in fact not adjustable in the sub-12 market. They are set at a max of 12 FPE and the adjustability simply lowers the power. If you are a FAC owner, then this of course doesn't apply to you as you are not restricted by power limitations, unlike the general public.

UK Law

Judges desk as they work though a case with a barrister

You may know about the lucrative side of the law when it comes to air guns. However, the law has been designed intentionally vague to prosecute.

Just because your adjustable gun is set at sub-12, does not mean the police won't attempt to turn something to see if it will go over.

They will even try the "lowest" setting (especially on electric "smart" guns) to see if you have tweaked it to have higher power on the lower settings. Remember the law wants to prosecute you so they won't just have you on unauthorised firearms, they may also try to get you on other charges.

As a result of this, many manufacturers are now developing Factory Set Performance Guns along with their respective importers. to develop guns that are not adjustable by the customer and are set at peak performance from the get-go. So "adjusting" them

UK General Domestic Market Guns - FSP (Factory Set Performance)

UK spec is something we pride ourselves on, we work with manufacturers to develop their guns to work at peak performance for the sub-12 market.

One thing many shooters and indeed retailers don't realise is that just because a manufacturer advertises a gun as being adjustable does not mean it is in the UK.

As we mentioned above, externally adjustable guns need to be capped to prevent unlawful alterations. However, there are a few shooters who may have enough knowledge of a gun to attempt to adjust the gun internally. Now for virtually all imported guns, the manufacturer and importer have worked to get your gun to peak performance whilst maintaining its use as a legal gun.

If you have an issue with performance don't attempt to adjust it yourself as modifying your gun in this way has a hand full of effects:

  • Damage

  • Adversely affecting performance

  • Voiding your warranty

Manufacturers and importers have ways of seeing if you have been inside a gun and if they see proof you have been tampering it will not be covered by your warranty and retailers do have a responsibility to report you to the authorities.

Now for you FAC owners out there. If you have a User-Adjustable Performance Gun, go ahead, however, for those with Factory Set Performance Guns, you are welcome to but you will invalidate your warranty.

Final Words

So yes there is nothing stopping you from buying one of the "adjustable" guns, you just need to make sure it can not go over the legal 12-foot pound limit. But if you want a gun that is designed to run at its best, go for one that is not adjustable as quite often the manufacturers know better than to develop a sub-par gun intentionally.

Think we missed something?

Let us know in the comments below.

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