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How to use quick connectors on air tanks

Updated: Apr 30

One type of question we get asked almost weekly is how to use air tanks correctly. We always suggest getting hold of a few quick detach connectors to make using, storing and filling your tank a lot easier.

The number of connectors you require depends largely on what you plan to do:

  • If you have only one PCP air rifle and you plan to charge your tank at a gun shop, you can get away with one set of adapters. Then purchase extra male connectors for each type of PCP rifle you add to your collection.

  • If you plan to use your tank to decant into smaller day bottles, you may need 2 sets of connectors plus the extra male connector for your filler probe.

  • If you have a suitable compressor (such as the Hill EC3000)

  • that you want to top your tank up with, then you will need an extra female adapter to attach to your compressor, to connect straight to your bottle new male connection.

For this guide, we are showing you the basic setup that allows you to remove your airline from your bottle to avoid damage or losing components when removing the DIN socket, as well as allowing a quick change between your filler probes. You can then add different setups based on your needs stated above.

Before you continue, please ensure all of your valves are closed, the bottle is in date and has been checked. It also goes without saying that this is a highly pressurised device, so you follow this guide at your own risk - we do not take responsibility for damage or injury that occurs when following this guide.

You will need:

Step 1: Disassembly of the DIN socket

Using an adjustable spanner, remove the DIN adapter from the socket, if your whip is attached remove this and its BSP adapter too.

Step 2: Adding the Bottle Male Quick Detach

In between the Line and the BSP adapter is where we are going to attach our first quick detach connectors.

The male side will consist of the DIN socket adapter, the adapters bonded o-ring, a male QD connector and its bonded o-ring.

Once all together, tighten 1/4 of a turn with adjustable spanners (do not overtighten).

This section is then ready to be reattached to the bottle. Again tighten with 1/4 of a turn.

Step 3: Adding the Line Female Quick Detach

On one side of the airline, we are now going to attach the female connector, this allows the line to be quickly released from the tank without the need to unscrew the DIN as the o-ring inside the adapter can wear and leak air when being subject to constant removal.

The female adapter you receive will come with a spare o-ring, this is not necessary for installation, it is a replacement for the o-ring at the base of the internal connector, should it get damaged.

To attach the female coupling, use 2 adjustable spanners to tighten the BSP threads together.

Step 4: Connecting the Line to the Bottle

The quick adapters work the same as any standard quick detach system in airlines, the silver collar is pulled back and held to open the connector, then with a bit of a forced push onto the male, the connector will slide into place and the collar returned to its primary (locked) position.

Step 5: Gun Side connection

The next step is to add a female connector on the opposite side of the airline, like in the previous step we are going to attach a female connector to the line. This can then be used for attaching a male fitting easily, such as a filler probe or a smaller bottle for decanting.

Step 6: Adding the Filler Probe Male Quick Detach

Adding your filler probe into this system allows for rapid changing of probes to charge multiple gun types without the need to carry adjustable spanners with you and waste time during the change.

To do this we are going to use a male adapter set, this comes with the bonded o-ring that must be put on the thread of whatever you are attaching it to.

Once finger tight, use 2 adjustable spanners to tighten the nozzle 1/4 of a turn to create a good seal.

Step 7: Connecting the filler probe to the line

Some of you of now worked out where we are going with this. The male connector can now be attached to the lines female end for the quick swapping we mentioned earlier. Simply pull back and hold the locking collar on the female side, and insert the male. then return the locking collar to its original position

Final notes & Troubleshooting

That's it you are ready to go! however, there are some notes you should bear in mind should you have any issues.

Do not overtighten!

with all threaded objects, there is a limit that the component can take. Without having access to torque devices it is impossible to say how much to tighten, however, a good rule of thumb is to tighten with fingers then use adjustable spanners to turn an extra 1/4 of a turn.

Air is leaking out

If any of the connections are leaking, firstly check they are tight, if they are sufficiently tightened, check that the bonded o-ring is in place where it should be and doesn't show signs of wear or damage. If the leak is coming from the female internal connector, check the rubber o-ring is in place and isn't damaged or worn.

Using a compressor to charge a tank

As we have mentioned, it is possible to fit a female quick snap onto your compressor to either charge your gun up directly or attach it to the bottle. However, please bear in mind that when charging a bottle, both the bottle and compressor can get extremely hot. This can cause not only bodily harm but also damage to the compressor components and even the regulator. So do not expect a shoebox/portable compressor to be able to charge a bottle from empty. It is used to top off the pressure in the tank from a useable level. It may be possible (depending on the compressor) to fill a tank by filling in 10-minute stints allowing time in between for the compressor and bottle to cool down.

Services we provide

Should you want us to do this for you; when ordering online, add the tank, and the quick adapters to your cart. Then in the "Order Notes" section, please add "Tank QD install" to the order notes and we will put it together for you - please note bottles will be shipped empty (collection from store is filled).

Think we missed something?

Let us know in the comments below.

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