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JTS - The name to look out for in Post-Traditional Air Rifles

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

JTS has been around in the states for some time, however of course, because they are stateside their product tend to be powder burners and thus don't really sell outside the US. However, they have now opened their new JTS Airguns range up to the world.

JTS Airguns Logo

With this new import coming into the UK, they are definitely one to watch.

Unlike many traditional airgun companies; JTS appear to be looking to the future for a lot of their inspiration in creating "Post-Traditional" rifles.


Informed by traditional ideals but not constrained by them. Counter to the "We have always done it this way" mantra.

Alright maybe not the future exactly, but they are clearly analysing their market and using it to inform their decisions. This is a trait we wish many manufacturers would start. You see JTS are getting it right by using standardised practices that the Firearm and Airsoft industry has been doing for decades already. Practices like the use of Picatinny RIS for optic and accessory mounting, Foster Fitting for Quick Detach Filling instead of a Fill Probe, and a spring-assisted side lever as seen on more premium brands.

JTS Airacuda Max - A modern retelling of a traditional rifle story

With their Airacuda Max, they have implemented these into the body of a traditionally inspired gun. The Airacuda Max features a wooden stock with adjustable cheek-rest and Picatinny Rail for accessories. A slimline Quick Fill 250cc air cylinder is married to the regulated power Mono-Block that features the side leaver action and the highly customisable Picatinny Rail.

Now let's address the elephant in the room. Although they are designed in the US, they are made in PRC. However, if you are using that as a gauge of value, you are going to be sorely disappointed when you drop a load of cash on a "British Designed" product to find it performs the same as an Eastern-manufactured product at half the price.

That brings us to the price of the Airacuda at the time of writing the RRP is £549. However, due to the development time of this rifle, this is likely to go up over the next 3-5 months, meaning this first batch in the UK may be the best time to buy if you are looking for a budget gun with the modern fixtures and fittings seen on higher-end rifles.

Think we missed something?

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