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Swapping Vixen Polymer Rail Guard for Metal Guard

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

With it's weight and performance coupled with its price, the AGT Vixen has fast become one of the best selling rifles of 2022. As a result we have seen a large amount of owners making their own personal modifications to their rifles.

At the top of many owners lists is swapping out the cost effective and lightweight polymer front guard rail for the metal one seen on the more expensive URAGAN. You can opt for the "Compact" rail for a more weight conscious build, however for this example we are using the "Standard" length one.

This can be done easily with only one tool a 2.5mm Allen Key.

First thing to do is remove the stock guard from the Vixen. This is done by removing the 2 Allen screws from the underside of the rifle.

The grip is then removed from the gun. Set the screws off to one side as these will be required for refitting.

Once off you now need to remove the 3 short screws that secure the rail to the guard itself. These 3 screws will be required for the new part fitment.

Now do the same with the metal part, the 3 screws in this rail are not used as they are too long for the Vixen rail.

With both guards separated, attach the offset Vixen rail to the metal URAGAN guard using the 3 shorter screws.

Once all secure, reattach your rail to the Vixen using the original 2 screws.

You have now got a full metal M-LoK guard rail. Use M-Lok attachment or rail pieces to fit your favourite accessories directly to this rail. You could even repurpose the unused URAGAN rail as a reach forward mount for bipods or other Picatinny attachments

Think we missed something?

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