The Hogan Moderator is one of the best moderators available on the market at the moment. We have tested this silencer against many of the leading commercial brands such as Logun, Weihrauch, Swift etc And this makes a rifle as quiet as possible using a commercially available silencer. Also a lot cheaper than other brands at a very reasonable price.


The Hogan Decimeater sound moderator is suitable for .177 and .22 rifles with a 1/2" UNF thread. This is a very effective silencer, making your rifle much quieter.


The Hogan Decimeater is easily strippable for cleaning and 100% manufactured in the UK. 



  • 3 High Efficiency void setup with T606 aluminium construction.
  • 1/2" UNF Thread
  • Extra sound proofing
  • Easily stripped for cleaning

Hogan Decimeater Suppressor/Silencer

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